2. February 2023

Nike SB Dunk Low "StrangeLove"

Release 7.2.2020 in store und aufgrund der hohen Nachfrage parrallel per Raffle auf Instagram.

Sean Cliver, one of the most renowned artists in the skate game, released his third Custom Nike SB Dunk together with Nike SB.

Sean Cliver is known for his iconic graphics for almost all major boardbrands such as Powell, World Industries, Blind, Plan B, Cliche and Girl, his participation in Big Brother Magazine and later Jackass, as well as through his book series “Disposable” with which he explored the art of Skateboard graphics celebrate.

Since 2018, Sean has been concentrating on his own boardbrand StrangeLove, which deviates from the standard recipe of a skate brand, as it does not rely on big names in the team, but even completely dispenses with a pro team. The boards simply impress with their unique graphics.

In keeping with the brand name, Sean’s StrangeLove released the StrangeLove Dunk Low with Nike SB for Valentine’s Day. The collaboration, like the StrangeLove Graphics, is absolutely unmistakable.

Decorated in pink, pink, red and white, the shoe is not only striking due to its colour combination, but especially its material. The soft, plush surface is very reminiscent of a cuddly blanket that keeps your feet not only warm, but also stylish. Wouldn’t be surprised if the proportion of women at the next campout is significantly higher.

Text: @matbrenner