1. December 2022

Create your own Dunk

2020 is the year of the dunk, whether SB or SP. The last big dunk hype was a few years ago and the current designs are full of creativity.

After classics like the Tiffanys, Stüssy Cherrys or the various Bear Dunks, 2020 was marked by breathtaking collaborations: Travis Scott, Ben and Jerry’s, Grateful Dead, Strangelove as well as innovations like the recently released ECO Dunk let us all dance with joy.

On the occasion of this exciting year and the current circumstances in which most of us have enough time, we give you the opportunity to create your own dunk.

Here are the rules:

Simply download the drawing template and print it out either to design the shoe by hand or use the file to digitally let your creativity run wild.

Simply print or save the image below.

You then post the image on Instagram with the hashtag #createyourowndunk . Don’t forget to mark us directly on the picture, otherwise the pictures will not be displayed to us.

Of all the posts posted by 11/11/2020 at 11:11 a.m., the three images with the most likes win.

1st place: First place has the possibility to purchase the shoe in its size at the next Dunk Release.

2nd place: a TX SPORTS package XL (hoodie, t-shirt, deck, asseccoires)

3rd place: a TX SPORTS package (Hoodie, Asseccoires)

Have fun with all of you, we are looking forward to your creations.

Stay fair and Support other creations if you like them so also smaller Accounts have the Chance to win.